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The how to choose quality web hosting guide

Posted by Inna in How to
The how to choose quality web hosting guide

We are living in a world where now hosting companies are popping up all over the place like mushrooms after the rain. There is a definite difficulty in choosing a web hosting company that is priced well, good quality and has good reviews. This is why we have created the quality web hosting guide for you.

We also have a big surprise for you at the end of the guide!

So what should you be looking for in a web hosting company? And why is the web hosting guide so important?

What parameters should you be using to choose your web hosting? How important is the pricing?

So many questions...let’s give you some answers:

In order to choose your web hosting company using the web hosting guide you will first want to go through a filtering process of a few potential companies, after that we will ask a few technical and service questions to understand which company you should choose.

In this web hosting guide we will try and help you understand what the best and most comfortable way will be for you to filter through to the best company for you.


We are living in a world where site visitors have huge power, they use the platforms on the internet to provide their opinions and criticisms, and this is why reading reviews of real clients is super important to get the full picture.

As potential clients, you can make the most of this power and you can look for reviews and warnings of the hosting companies you are considering. Nowadays there is no legitimacy in choosing the first company you bump into, when you have so much information at your fingertips.

Advertising does not always count!

Advertising and branding are very important tools for a company’s performance and revenue, but no logo or super-branding guarantees quality.Best hosting

Even if there is a hosting company that everyone knows and everyone talks about and you see it on every second banner on the internet it does not mean that they are the best. Any company with unlimited capital can buy advertising!

So a hosting company that does not spend money on advertising should also not turn you off.  Huge promises can sometimes be very empty… you should normally go with the mainstream. Companies that advertise a bit, but not over the top.

Asking the right questions with the web hosting guide

This is your task and an important one at that!

It may be a bit difficult for you to ask the questions if you are new to the whole hosting scene. No one is expecting you to be a hosting pro overnight. but you should get to know the basic terms. For example:

  • How much disk-space you get? Disk space depends on the amount of content you plan on having on your site.
  • How much bandwidth do you get? Bandwidth is super important and is measure by the amount of daily visitors you expect to have.
  • Does the company back up your files? and how often?

What you get for your money

Best low price hostingAs business people you probably know that the value of a product is measured by what you get for what you pay. So don’t judge a product or service by cheap or expensive. But rather check what you get for the package you purchase.

Even if you pay a “higher” price but you get a very comfortable control panel, great customer service and a top quality product you get full value for your money. Many times business owners try to think “cheap” but by choosing “cheap” hosting you sometimes regret it afterwards, and you will need to spend even more money to get what you want and need.

So let us summarize what we have learned with our web hosting guide:

  1. Low prices are not always cheap. Paying less and not getting everything you need in your package can make you have to fish out more money later on.
  2. Do your homework. Understand your needs and make sure you know what disk-space, bandwidth and other features you may need.
  3. Advertising and branding does not guarantee quality. Read client reviews and find out what suits you best.
  4. Check out our top 10 client rated web hosting companies on our website.
  5. Once you have decided on the right web hosting company for you, make sure to visit our coupon page for a good discount.

If all this seems too much for you, we have a surprise for you as we promised above!

We have created a wizard for you so that you can just fill in your details and our system will do everything for you. The wizard analyses all the information you provide and takes into consideration all the factors and parameters and calculates the best options for you in minutes.

For more information, helpful tools and the latest gossip visit our website and like our facebook page. Come join our community!

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