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How to make sure that your web hosting service provides secured web hosting

Posted by Inna in How to
How to make sure that your web hosting service provides secured web hosting

Secured web hosting is so important no matter what type of website you own or are planning on owning. If you are planning on gathering some type of information like email addresses, names, address etc… you will want to keep your clients’ details safe.

If you are planning on selling products on your site this is crucial!  Any website that exchanges financial information needs to have top security and secured web hosting for eCommerce.

What is secured web hosting

Secured web hosting is a website that visitors access by using the SSL which is Secure Socket Layer protocol. This is the most accepted technology used today and it encrypts all the data passed from your site to the user's web browser.

sslThe SSL protects all the data, yours and the users from hackers, malware and other malicious parties. Website owners get something called a “Private Key” and they are the only ones that can decrypt the data.

So even if someone did manage to hack into your site, if they don’t have the “Private Key” they won’t be able to read your data.

When you pay for secured web hosting you will get a SSL certificate that you can use on all the pages of your website, this will signal to all your visitors that all their actions on your website are secure.


When you have secured web hosting your visitors will be able to see it straight away just from your URL. When your visitor places your URL into the URL bar you will have an “s” added after the “http”, this is a symbol of a secured website.

 Who needs secured web hosting?

If you have a small blog or regular static website you might think that security is not that big of an issue for you. But surely you have heard about Facebook bombs where people go onto other people's Facebook page and post things instead of them.

This can be very funny! Sometimes even hilarious. But imagine someone putting malicious content or propaganda or even porn on your blog or website. This can be terrible to deal with and you would have to apologize to all your viewers.

So even the smallest of websites and blogs should have some sort of security feature.

With businesses it is not even a question if they need secured web hosting or not. It is a must!

Everyone is concerned about their online privacy. When you have a business website or ecommerce store your potential clients are going to look for the “S” on your URL and will look for the SSL logo.

So any business whether it is an online store, government office, insurance company, school, business network etc. They will all be wanting you to protect their data.

What type of data needs protecting:

  • Any type of personal information
  • All billing and payment information
  • Confidential correspondence - online and email

What are the types of secured web hosting are there?

  1. SSL - we have pretty much discussed this one
  2. SFTP - FTP is a File Transfer Protocol used to upload files to your hosting account. SFTP is the same thing but more secure. The “S” in SFTP stands for Secure and this gives you an additional layer of protection.

FTP, is quite secure, but just like everything else is still vulnerable. Files can be hacked and even changed without you knowing. SFTP solves this. You can check with your web hosting company for this option.

  1. Backups - Your web hosting company should be performing regular backups to protect your site just in case anything goes wrong. If your web hosting company does not provide this option you will need to remember to do this yourself.
  2. Server maintenance - Your web hosting company should be maintaining their server constantly to keep attacks to the minimum.

So how can you make sure that your web hosting service provides secured web hosting?

If you already have a website hosted on a website hosting service and you want to check their security measures you can always go on to Top hosting providerstheir website and look it up or call the customer service for more information.

If you are not yet working with a website hosting company and you want secured web hosting here are some things you should do before signing up.

  • Read reviews on the companies that interest you. Reading reviews will give you an idea of clients that have had hacking issues or other security issues.
  • Here we have collected for you the top 5 secure website hosting companies after analysis and reading all the materials:

Top 5 Secured Web Hosting companies:

eHost - 4.9/ 5 stars

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iPage - 4.5/ 5 stars

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Bluehost - 4.5/ 5 stars

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HostGator - 4.4/ 5 stars

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WebHostingHub - 4.7/ 5 stars

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