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The Ultimate Web Hosting guide – How to choose a top quality web hosting company

Posted by Inna in How to
The Ultimate Web Hosting guide – How to choose a top quality web hosting company

With thousands of web hosting companies around the globe today it is very difficult for someone who is not aware of all the pros and cons to know which web hosting company to choose.

There are so many possibilities and things that should be checked out before making the decision. We have prepared this web hosting guide to help you choose the best web hosting company for you, which will help you get the following:

  • Top quality web hosting
  • Affordable web hosting
  • Discounted web hosting
  • Best web hosting service for you

So what do you need to know about choosing a top quality web hosting company?

Top Quality HostingThe web hosting companies offer you a large array of services and solutions besides for just hosting your website, the choice is not that simple due to the amount of web hosting companies available to you.

They use a lot of technical terms which can be confusing and have endless payment solutions and deals. However if we simplify the components of web hosting it can make the decision a lot easier.

So let’s get started with our web hosting guide:

  1. Server base

The internet is supposed to be an endless world with no boundaries, but is it? This sentence is partially correct. Since the internet is a media or marketing platform globally, the speed of the web hosting company depends on the geographical location of the server.

The first and main internet avenue is based on the east coast of the United States and most quality web hosting companies around the world will be connected to those servers.

Although the world wide web is branching out and continues to branch out. Internet protocol as of today is passed through copper fibres, optic fibres, wireless lines, satellite, cellular lines and even electricity lines.

In different areas of the world and in various countries the Internet avenues serve the local companies. Most countries will try to connect their servers to the main avenue in the United States to ensure faster connections and easier access.

However if your website is local and only meant for local traffic you can definitely sign up with a local server hosting company.

  1. Lone servers

Did you know that any kid that is internet savvy can install a bunch of programs on his personal computer and offer hosting services for a small amount of money? However in order to provide website hosting at a reasonable level there has to be an initial investment and continued investment in the equipment of the servers and communication.

So the website hosting companies that accessibility, reliability and performance are important to them, will not settle and will let the professionals work for them and take care of their server maintenance and connections to the internet.

This way the web hosting companies can concentrate on providing top notch security to avoid malicious penetration to your website and monitor the servers around the clock.

  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth of a server and the communication capacity available are very dynamic details that are hard to get but are very important. If a server is overloaded your users will have a tough time reaching your website if at all.

The professional web hosting companies use special tools to check the accessibility in different parts of the world. Sometimes web hosting companies will brag about the servers they have access to and you should try and and understand from them how much bandwidth they have.

  1. Service quality of the web hosting company

At the end of the day web hosting is a service and there are certain features that they should provide. You will need to check:

  • Do they have available and professional support available?
  • Can you speak to them on the phone?
  • What hours are they available?
  • Do they provide SLA (service-level agreement) which is professional responsibility for the quality of their service.
  • Do they have full guarantee on their hardware and hosting servers?
  1. Experienced web hosting companies

Lately web hosting companies have been popping up like mushrooms after the rain. Managing hosting companies is an art as well as a science. When choosing a web host you must make sure that it is a company that specializes in its field and has plenty of experience.

The internet suppliers and web designers sometimes will try and offer hosting services but because this is not their main business the hosting will lack focus.

It is always better to go for the top companies that have been around for a while and you can read reviews about them to get an idea on how good they are.

You can use the links in this web hosting guide.

  1. Cheapest web hosting company or...?

It is kind of amusing that the internet has made us think that everything is either really cheap or free. This started when the different hosting Top cheap hostingcompanies were fighting over different markets and preferred more users than more revenues. But as we all know, there are no free meals.

These days, quality web hosting companies price their services properly. The companies understand that when the service is too cheap it looks bad…. and if it is free, the hosting company will be earning off you from something else.

So in order for you to choose a Top Quality Hosting Service you should go to the client voted top cheap hosting websites on our site. Once you have chosen the hosting service that is the best for you and have read the client reviews you can then go to the coupon and deal tab and get a first timer discount.

We hope you have enjoyed this web hosting guide. Come and join us also on our Facebook page for the latest in hosting news and reviews.

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