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Pickuphost gives away cash prizes and gifts to its site visitors!

Quality reviews are crucial for the success of any comparison and ranking site. So in appreciation to those that have shared their experiences and have written reviews, Pickuphost has decided to reward you!

Submit your hosting review and Pickuphost will enter you in the cash prize draw with the grand prize of $2,000!

As first step, Pickuphost is now offering a cash prize of $2,000.

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After every 250 new reviews a lottery will be held. One out of the 250 reviewers will be awarded the cash prize of $2,000! 
You can follow the review counter on this page.

Every review has a chance to be the prize-winner!

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The winner of the main cash reward will be selected manually. For absolute transparency and fairness of the draw, Pickuphost entrusted the winner selection process to the Accounting firm:

Swart & CoAccountants
Postbus 336
1180 AH Amstelveen
The Netherlands
tel (020) 545 61 21
fax (020) 545 61 81

The cash prize will be transferred to you through Paypal/ Webmoney account or by check. You will get the other gifts in the form of vouchers or we will purchase them for you on an online service.

Please, be honest in your reviews. If you are not satisfied with something in your hosting, feel free to write about it. However, don’t forget to mention also all the good sides of the hosting you are using for your website. Other users will be relying on your review, so, express your true experience and be fair to both the hosting company and your fellow customers.

Pickuphost reserves the right to disapprove any review which is found unauthentic or inappropriate.

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