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About PickupHost

logoWho are we?

PickupHost is a premier provider of ratings for top web hosting services. Our goal is to simplify user access to objective information about leading hosting providers by providing quick and reliable identification of the best options and ordering services. Our resource provides useful and independent information to a wide audience of webmasters, small business owners, bloggers and anyone interested in purchasing a quality hosting service. The PickupHost team is comprised of a group of high-level web hosting experts offering the best solutions for web hosting services. By definition, our ratings only include reliable hosting companies with impeccable reputations that are ready to offer customers highly reliable fault-tolerant servers.

Objective Information

One of the top priorities at PickupHost is to guarantee objective information and reviews of web hosting providers. PickupHost offers its visitors the chance to read authentic reviews and ratings from real customers to assist with the important task of identifying the right provider and package for their website. The cost of hosting is determined by the hosting package selected by users, and becomes one of the key factors in choosing the right provider.

Easy Payment

Given the widespread locations of our listed host providers, we’ve made it possible to use almost all of the popular payment methods to purchase a service. These payment options include payment cards, terminals, popular international electronic payments, bank transfer, virtual currency, and payment by phone and others.

What to Look for When Choosing a Hosting Provider

The specific use and function of your website will determine your requirements of a web hosting provider, and our resources will help you choose the best affordable hosting! Given that your choice in a hosting provider determines the effectiveness of your websites and in turn the success of your business or project, the following are key considerations for finding the best hosting provider:

  • MySQL support and additional domains
  • A high performance server
  • No limit in traffic or imposing a limit
  • Minimum ping time
  • No problems with the indexing and ranking of resources through the fault of the provider
  • Good uptime
  • Prompt professional support
  • Possibility of free support DNS-servers
  • Modern intuitive PU (cPanel, ISPmanager, Parallels Plesk Panel, and others)
  • Possibility of a daily backup of data
  • Highly effective spam filtering
  • An instant increase in the most important indicators of power
  • Centralized access and control hosting, domain name, e-mail and other related services
  • Balanced cost of services

If all these requirements are met by a web hosting provider, you’re most likely on the right track. Interested in further assistance? The PickupHost experts are ready to help you select the optimal variant of free or paid virtual, cloud and CDN hosting and any other option that suits your website’s needs and capabilities.