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Why you should read hosting companies reviews!

Posted by Inna in Blog
Why you should read hosting companies reviews!

There is no one that can tell you a truer story than the person who experienced himself.

You probably know that game where you take a group of people and tell a story to one of them and they need to pass the same story on from one to the other. When the last person needs to tell the story he received after it being passed to him through several others it is very different from the original.

And this is exactly the reason that we recommend hearing it as close to the source as possible so that you get the facts!Hosting reviews

This is exactly why you should read hosting company reviews directly from clients just like you.

Most internet companies today and not necessarily only hosting companies have a tab on their website dedicated to client reviews. Since it is the company website itself, you probably won’t find negative feedback about them. So what should you do?

How do you get to the real hosting company reviews?

Well as usual like everything else on the internet you have companies and organizations that the truth and showing clear statistics are important to them. You can easily find recommendations, positive and negative feedback and more information on any hosting companies reviews. One of the main reasons you should read the web hosting companies reviews is that you don’t land up being their lab rat!

Eight excellent reasons why you should read hosting companies reviews:

  1. Knowledge is power- the more you know about the company the more thought out your decision will be, the less chances you have of falling under the bus.
  2. Hear the truth directly from the clients and not through a company filter that makes everything sound wonderful.
  3. Don’t land up being a lab rat because you did not get the information you need.
  4. There are so many web hosting companies to choose from and more popping up every day. Don’t let this confuse you. Read a certain amount of reviews of your choice companies and whittle it down to find your choice company.
  5. Learn the truth behind the small print and empty promises. Sometimes companies will promise you the world. The client experiences will shed light on these problematic issues.
  6. Learn more about the real bandwidth, control panel, downtime and diskspace. Each and every one of these factors can make or break your hosting experience. Clients are normally very open in their reviews and you can glean important information.
  7. Customer and tech support is probably the most important factor to check. Even the best and most expensive and extensive plans can be totally worthless without the proper support.
  8. Editorial reviews do have their benefits, but the reviews that contain feedback from real customers are the real gold!

Here are some fun facts on reviews you never knew!

  • Most of the complaints from clients in the reviews are a direct result of clients who rushed into a service agreement without doing proper research and reading other client reviews.
  • Eighty five percent of people are satisfied after having read 10 hosting company reviews per business.
  • Some hosting companies will “plant” positive reviews on review websites. So it is best to read more reviews to get a complete picture.
  • There will never be 100% satisfaction. So you need to know how to sift and understand if the issues are real or just an irritated person.

cup-1010909_640Pickuphost has created the perfect review portal for you. We offer prizes to hosting customers to leave honest and thought out reviews in order to help out people shopping for hosting services.

We do go over the reviews and sometimes investigate to make sure they are not “planted” and keep it real! Our review portal is divided by company so you can focus on the companies that have caught your attention.

We do not delete or alter the negative reviews in any way. The truth is always the best.

Once you have read the reviews we have also gathered up to date coupons and discount codes that you can use to get the best deal for the company you have chosen to host with.

Pickuphost is a portal for you! Filled with information and articles in our blog and How To area. We have the top 10 client voted hosting websites as well as hosting comparison tools for different aspects of hosting.

For example the Top 10 client voted websites for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and more.

Pickuphost has been created by clients for clients!

This is why we request that also when you have made your decisions and based on your past experiences you post your reviews as well.

Let us make the world a better and more truthful place to live in!

Be sure to also sign up to our Facebook page for all the latest hosting gossip and new technologies. Hope to hear from you soon!

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