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The best ways to select hosting for your website

Posted by Inna in Blog
The best ways to select hosting for your website

So how do you select hosting for your website?

A website hosting company can be the reason your site is successful or if it is a failuire. That is why it is so important to when you select hosting for your website you choose the right web hosting company for your site.

When you select hosting you need to be sure that the your site will work fluidly and have no hitches or as few problems as possible. You want your website to work fast, efficiently and be able to handle a lot of visitors at once without going down. Another thing that may be the make or break of your website is the technical service and customer service you get when you select hosting for your site.

So how are you going to select hosting that can comply with all the above?

Well today is your lucky day! We are going to help you!

What are the infrastructures the web hosting companies offer website owners?

When you select hosting for your website, you will be able to choose the companies that suit your needs according to what they offer, pricing, desired disk space you need and more.

Like these:

  • Does the company offer Windows or Linux as their operating systems available on their servers
  • Does the disk space they offer suit the type of site you will be creating? Blogs need less disk space and shopping websites will need a lot more.

Will you be able to increase your disk space easily when you need to or will you have to pay lots of money for the additional disk space?Unlimited emails

  • Do they offer unlimited bandwidth and if not will it be enough for you? Bandwidth makes a huge difference to the amount of visitors you can have on your site at the same time.
  • How many email addresses do they allow or provide?
  • Do they support Flash or other advanced programs or data systems?
  • How are they rated in the reviews for their technical support and customer support? Even if they have perfect packages with everything included and at a good price, if they have bad service it won’t help you when your site goes down or if you have other issues.
  • Is their control panel user friendly? Will you be able to do most of the work on your own or are you going to need their help for every little change or update?
  • Check the real uptime by reading client reviews - sometimes advertisements are just advertisements. Read the real client reviews.
  • Are you going to be using a content management system (CMS) to build your site and does the hosting company support the CMS? (The most popular CMS examples are: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal - see our article on choosing a CMS).

When you select a hosting service you also need to learn a bit about their backup services:

One of the most important factors you need to check are the servers and their customary backup procedures.

  1. How often do they backup their servers?
  2. How do they backup their servers?
  3. If a server falls, how soon will it be back up and running? What will happen to the sites during this time? What do they guarantee?
  4. What data do they backup each time?
  5. What are your restoration possibilities if needed?
  6. Do they have additional servers in other geographic venues in case of fire or destruction of servers?

The more the company invests in the backups and servers you will know that their quality of service is higher.

Another way to select hosting for your website is looking at the service agreement they provide.

You will be looking for 24 hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You never know when something will go wrong even on Christmas at three in the morning and you will need them. You will want to have several ways of contacting them: Phone, email, online chat, fax, tickets and more. You should have at least three options.

Check how long it takes for them to answer your requests. Do they guarantee an answer within twenty four hours?

Help! I am a beginner! What do I do?

Hosting for beginnersFor a beginner this can be a lot of work and maybe even leave you clueless. We know that when you select hosting as a beginner this can be super stressful to know how to make the right choice.

Well, no need to worry! You are not alone! Here are some tools we have prepared for you to help you select the right hosting for you:

  • Our top ten client rated web hosting companies
  • Hundreds of reviews written by actual clients for your perusal
  • Basic information as mentioned above at a glance
  • Our blog with articles written especially for beginners as well as advanced hosters
  • Server speed test - gives you an answer in seconds
  • And loads more on our website
  • Our Facebook page where you can ask questions and our experts answer.

Like our Facebook page for all the latest news and articles.

Come and visit our Pickuphost site for all the tools you will want and need.

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