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Easy How To hosting a website for beginners

Posted by Inna in How to
Easy How To hosting a website for beginners

So simple you won’t understand why you did not do it sooner!

Businesses and websites are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain on the internet and we are kind of expected to know a lot of the basic stuff when starting on our own. However it is not always that simple just to know how to do it. So let’s guide you on how to host your own website

When you want your website to be available to the public and be viewed by anyone and everyone, you will need to copy your site onto a public server. Public servers are made available by web hosting companies that provide all the web hosting solutions and server needs. You will be able to get a dedicated domain, with email service as well. choosing a web hosting service

Before choosing a web hosting service you will need to evaluate your needs and basic internet knowledge to understand what services you will need and which web hosting companies provide them. For example: if your site has lots of graphics, videos, traffic or tabs and pages, you will need a service or package with a good amount of diskspace and bandwidth. If your site is basic like a blog you can settle for the basic or starter packages. You can always discuss this with the customer service of one of the companies.

Things you need to check before signing up:

  1. Diskspace and Bandwidth as described above. If you are not sure you can always contact one of the companies and discuss your options. You can always run a <atitle= "Test speed of any hosting" href="/speed-test/" target="_blank">free ​Speed Test tool .
  2. Uptime - Reliability of the web hosting service provider. The best companies have 98-99% uptime. It is good to read reviews of the different companies to discover the real uptime, because very often there are things advertised that are not one hundred percent accurate.
  3. Operating system compatibility. Make sure that the hosting service you choose is compatible with your operating system. You don’t want to have to transfer the website after putting in all the work.
  4. Security features - In order to avoid hacking or penetration of your website, your hosting company should have daily backups, user authentication and firewalls set up. Companies that do not provide these security measures may also not help you too much if something like this does happen. Better safe than sorry.

Additional features that will be useful to you:

  • Pricing and value - If you sign up for a long term account you will be able to get a significantly cheaper monthly or yearly price.
  • Coupons - There are many coupons and discounts available today on the internet for cheap hosting services. Don’t be blinded by this. Read the fine print and make sure to check how much it will cost you after the period of the coupon is over so you won’t have any nasty surprises.
  • What package to choose - When choosing a package always try take one level higher than you actually need to allow place for growth. this will save you money later on and also you won’t have to be wheeling and dealing every time you need something new.
  • eMail service - When signing up for a domain and hosting package, check how many email accounts they provide you with. If you plan on getting employees this will make a difference. The basic or newbie packages normally come with 1-3 email accounts and the level above 3-5 email accounts.
  • Customer service and technical support - This is ABC! Make sure the company you are interested in has 24 hour support available, you never know when something can go wrong and shut down your site at any hour. The company should also have several ways of contact, email, telephone, chat or more. Sometimes it is worthwhile giving them a call before you make a decision to test out their knowledge and patience. Make sure to ​read reviews​ on the companies so you know you are choosing correctly.

Most web hosting companies are very helpful and will give you all the guidance you need along the way. 

Hosting dictionary

What is shared hostingJust like any new project, web hosting has lingo of it is own. Here are a few words and phrases you may bump into and their explanations.

Host and Server

These two words are often used as the same thing but actually are different. All servers are hosts but not all hosts are servers. A host can be a company that provides web hosting and has many servers. They can provide storage and serve data. A server is the actual machine used for the storage.

Shared hosting

A shared host is one computer that can host hundreds of websites. Sites that are larger or heavier will probably use a dedicated host which is a single server that hosts only one website. Massive sites like google.com or MSN.com will have several computers to host one site.


This is the data transfer rate of a ​network​ or ​Internet​ connection. It tells you in how much time certain amounts of data can be transferred. The higher the bandwidth the faster the data can be sent.  The process is not difficult at all and in a matter of days you can have your website up and running for the public. 

Check out our ​Top 10 Rated​ hosting companies​ to find the best hosting solution for your website and enjoy your website perfect performance!  Also you can read best hosting reviews and rate the hosting companies you've had experience with. 

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