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Ecommerce Know-How: Hosting for your online store

Posted by Inna in Resources
Ecommerce Know-How: Hosting for your online store
Ecommerce industry has spread all over the Internet nowadays. If you don’t want to go out shopping, you simply type in a needed item online and immediately find it in one of the numerous online stores. That is easy, fast and cost saving. From the other side where you are the owner of such online shop, you also get huge benefits: no rent payment, no mess with staff and much more. But… In an ecommerce field you have to keep in mind two important things: you need a good navigated and designed site and have to have a reliable strong hosting platform.

Why Ecommerce Hosting is good for you?

What is the difference between ecommerce hosting and other types of hosting? First of all, ecommerce hosting has additional ways for presenting your services or products to the target audience. It is powered by different methods of accepting payments, too. But that is only a tip of an iceberg. With ecommerce hosting solution you have much more opportunities to make your online store to stand out. Here are the benefits of web hosting for ecommerce:
  • templates for creating virtual storefront;
  • customized shopping cart;
  • form for making orders;
  • security guarantee for using credit card purchase;
  • tool for managing catalogues.
A big advantage of eCommerce hosting is Uptime. It is critical for any online business to lose clients and profit because of a low-quality web hosting. Most eCommerce hosting companies provide an Uptime guarantee that results in firmness of your online business.

How to choose the right ecommerce hosting

The moment you decide for yourself that ecommerce hosting solution is what you really need for your online business, you start to browse hundred of host companies that offer this type of hosting. The process can take not only days but weeks. To avoid this torture, you have to keep in mind some really helpful tips. Best Ecommerce hosting Shared vs VPS At the very beginning of your way as an online entrepreneur, think, do you have a perspective to grow your business? From this question depends what type of hosting you need. Make a decision based on your site size. When you are a fresh startup owner, then shared hosting will work for you. Assuming that you'll be able to change a hosting plan to higher one any time you need it. However, if your business has been on the market long enough and it grows from day to day, think about investing to VPS hosting. With VPS hosting your site gets additional tools of management and control. Plus, you don't have to share server recourses with others. And you have incredible space for growing. Security Any website demands high security features. But talking about online store hosting, security is in priority. First of all, your customers have to use their credit card info to pay the order. They have to be sure for 100% in a security aspect. Checking web hosting offers for ecommerce, pay attention what means of security they provide. Many providers' host packages include SSL certificate for free that help you to protect your business from scam and save a few bucks. Communication One important thing that separates good hosting from bad one is technical support team. A decent hosting company has to offer the following options of tech support:
  • 24 hours 7 days a week availability;
  • different contact method (phone, online chat, email, ticket);
  • fast and friendly help.
If something goes wrong with the settings or you may face some difficulties with managing you host, tech support is the salvation. Test the company support reaction before purchasing any hosting plan from them.


The very first thing that you have to consider while selecting a hosting for ecommerce project is your personal goal; whether you want your business grow or feel ok about it being a small and stressless. Also, the financial side of the issue takes place. If you have a low-budget, you can easily find a decent shared hosting. Shared hosting can be a great alternative to ecommerce hosting. But keep in mind all the pros and cons of this type of hosting. You will have to share the server with other users. From other hand, to grow your business big and strong you need something more advanced, like VPS ot Dedicated server. It is all up to your needs, budget and goals. As for the ecommerce hosting offers, of course that is a gem for entrepreneurs and business site owners. It gives the set of tools that an online store needs, opens new opportunities and give the confidence that your site will be online without any fails.
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