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How to Get the Best Joomla Hosting

Posted by Inna in Resources
How to Get the Best Joomla Hosting
Joomla is one of the most popular and comprehensible content management system on the market right now. This CMS is a number one choice of modern developers and just ordinal Internet users all over the world. Due to its user-friendly and intuitive structure Joomla helps to create both, a small personal site and a huge corporate web project. What makes Joomla CMS so in demand is the flexibility which it’s powered by. It gives as much tools as a user needs to build exactly the site he or she has in mind. Indeed, Joomla is a treasure box for web masters, but its true power lies in open code. The CMS is maintained by an army of programmers who work on Joomla extension and improvement. No doubt that Joomla can offer a lot of goodies to site owners and give a great start to grow your business. But what the modern web masters should keep in mind is that even the coolest CMS will not work properly on a cheap and low quality web hosting.

Joomla Web Hosting Criteria

Joomla CMS has a certain list of parameters that should be observed while choosing the right hosting. These parameters provide the adequate performance of user’s site online. By a rapid upgrading the Joomla versions these web hosting requirements can vary but a backbone of them are the following:
  • Installed web server Apache;
  • PHP support;
  • Access and control of MySQL DB;
  • Microsoft IIS.
Looking back to the very first version of Joomla 1.x. many users may say that it is played out but it is quite wrong impression. A lot of modern sites work exactly on Joomla 1.x. and their performance is as good as sites with the latest Joomla version. Unfortunately, it has one issue. When the user decide to move his Joomla 1.x. site to other hosting he may face some troubles. So, choosing the right hosting company and package is a top-priority. The key requirements for every Joomla version can be divided into the following groups: 1.0.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x etc. Each group will require certain parameters of hosting according the version of a software.   joomla  

This table info can be counted as minimum requirements for Joomla web hosting. Looking for the decent Joomla hosting, pay particular attention to the criteria above. If the hosting company you want to buy Joomla hosting from is powered by these features, you are on the right way.

Need to know

  • Joomla version 3.x has a fall a long way short of the first version. The dramatic changes have touched the interface and control section. Moreover, version 3.x also supports MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • The official Joomla community doesn’t recommend to use Joomla version 3.9, 4.4.2 and 5.0.4 in view of a lot of trouble issues connected with correct installing process.
  • Hardware for Joomla CMS does not require any specific options. Many hosting providers hardware meet the case for Joomla websites.

How to choose the right one

Browsing a numerous hosting companies’ sites, a user may get lost in the offers and overviews. There is one rule in choosing the right Joomla web hosting – if the site doesn’t write directly that they offer Joomla, probably you should look for other site where you can read that they provide exactly Joomla hosting. Otherwise, your Joomla website can face some kind of troubles on an common virtual hosting. To ease the process of searching exactly Joomla hosting, you can simply visit the needed section on Pickuphost where you can see the list of leading companies, offering Joomla web hosting, plus, see all the prices and packages and read customers reviews.
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