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Pick a good domain name with our advice

Posted by Inna in Resources
Pick a good domain name with our advice

What is a domain name? It is not just a name, the combination of letters or words. It is your NAME online, the name to be recognized among million of other websites online. Choosing the right domain name for your site is the start for your presence online. Basically, you choose the name for your business and company in general.

A future website address is called domain or domain name. Selecting a good name for user website is as important as the site design or its navigation. It determines your visibility on the WWW.

After the domain registration, user can not edit it or make any changes on it. That is why the domain name should be selected carefully. To help you to get the perfect domain name for your website, we created a “to-do” list. Following these easy tips will make the process of picking a domain name less stressful and faster.

Tip 1

First of all, think about the topic of your site. What it will be about. A domain name has to correspond to the main site topic. According to logic, if the site is about, let’s say, cooking, it can’t be named abouteverything.com. Think, what is the best name that fits to the topic.

Tips for choosing a domain

Tip 2

Keyword is a king! Use keywords when you think about your domain. Words that describe your business or site topic will have more success among users that want to find what you present. Moreover, you can do a promt research in definite online applications that show the popularity of keywords online.

Tip 3

Less is more – a rule of everything. Try to keep your domain name short. Complex domains are hard to remember. Your potential visitors will not remember this kind of name and definitely will not find out about your site at all.

There are a great number of other tips to keep in mind, e.g. to avoid numbers and hyphens; make it easy to remember; avoid Copyright infringement, etc. But they are less important than those 3 above. Creativity and common sense – are the best criteria for choosing the right domain!


Before registering your domain name you have to make sure that it is available. Otherwise, you have to go through the same process of sleepless nights of selecting a new successful domain. To avoid this, make a list of several options. It is always better to have a fall-back position in this case.

In a perfect world, you can also try your domain on your friends and see how they react on it and ask their opinions about it.


Once you settle on a perfect domain name for your site, go for it. A domain name can be resisted on most of the hosting sites or domain registration sites. The process of registration is pretty simple and won’t take much time.

Keep in mind, that domain without a web hosting is like a white elephant. So, many hosting companies provide an option to register domain names, too. More to it, certain web hosting companies provide its users with free domain names upon condition of purchasing any hosting package. On Pickuphost you can find a list of the most popular hosting providers that give free domain names.

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