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How To Choose Web Hosting Companies

Posted by Inna in Resources
How To Choose Web Hosting Companies

If you are planning to launch a new website or want to move to a new host, you need to choose between many web hosting companies, which can be a tricky business. There are many options out there, which offer free or cheap options, but that probably won’t be what you need. In most cases, a paid host can be more beneficial, though they’ll cost more initially.

Your NeedsWhat hosting you need

Most people are so focused on getting the best deal; they forget to think about what they need. Therefore, that’s the first step you should take, is to make sure what you need. What does the website do? Will it be a practice or personal site or will you share it with family and friends? Is it going to host your blog or will it be a company website? Will it be an online shop, where people can buy your products? Those questions and more will help you determine what your host should offer. Anything professional shouldn’t have a free host because there will be ads, it will be slow and tedious. However, you can always use free hosts to practice and find out what you want.

Promote Growth

The whole point of a business or an idea for a company is to grow and become bigger and better. Web hosting companies should allow for this and help you to do what you need. Just because you find something that fits your “now” needs, it doesn’t mean it will continue working for you later. Try to think about the future when choosing a host so that you can plan accordingly. Remember, free sites make it harder to transfer to a new host when you decide you need more.


There are three primary host types, including a shared, virtual and dedicated version. The shared server is going to be the least expensive in most cases, but can also cause poor performance if there are too many on the server at once. Virtual services can provide more resources and stability and are recommended for smaller businesses. Dedicated servers are physical servers dedicated to your website only. They are usually used for corporations or larger companies, but can be used by anyone with high traffic.


A good hosting support 24/7You need someone that’s available 24/7, so make sure you contact support and find out their hours. You may also want to do a test to ensure they respond quickly. Live chat is always the fastest method, but they may also provide email, text or phone options.

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