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How to get cheap web hosting companies and still get quality hosting

Posted by Inna in How to
How to get cheap web hosting companies and still get quality hosting

Let us start by discussing the free options.

Why are they free and who are they suitable for?

There is nothing really free in this world and this include the online and internet world. Normally free stuff is to pull in the clients and make you pay later on- big time.

Another thing that can happen with free hosting is that the companies will make money off you without you knowing with advertising or using the information of your viewers.

Here are how the free companies work, these are the things they offer you:

  • Self creation of a website - Themes, Templates and more
  • In order to use your own domain you will probably have to pay
  • In the free mode they will have advertisements on your site
  • They will limit you with the amount of pages on your site and the amount of visitors that can visit your site.
  • The website will not belong to you and will only be available on their platform
  • They will limit your features and will not help you develop new features.
  • Your marketing and advertising is limited. You will not be able to do remarketing or get analytics.
  • In the really bad cases they may use your data for their own use.

There are a lot of limitations on a free web serving company. Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit and look at the cheap web hosting companies. For just a little bit of money you can get everything you need and have the website belong to you.

How to get cheap web hosting companies and still get quality hosting.

Building your own website with an open source CMS (content management system).

There are wonderful free platforms for building websites like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more. These are free however some of them require a little technical skills. WordPress installation is probably the easiest and most popular.

In order to start using one of these systems you can simply choose one of the cheap web hosting companies and sign up for a basic package (we will post a list of the cheapest web hosting companies later on), get a domain and install WordPress directly from the webhost.

After installing you can choose the theme that suits you best for your website and start designing your website.

Choosing one of the cheap web hosting companies does not necessarily mean that you have to settle for less quality.

There are loads of great website hosting services that allow you to get basic packages for very cheap and if you get a coupon or discount it is even cheaper. Normally the coupons will give you a discount in percentages or a discount price for a year and sometimes even up to three years.

However don’t get excited by a certain coupon before you do your homework and look into the different hosting companies.

Things you should do before joining one of the cheap web hosting companies?

  1. See our list below of the top 10 cheapest web hosting companies.
  2. Read reviews about them and make sure you are happy with the company you choose.
  3. Make sure you know what type of website you want - Blog, online store or regular content website.
  4. Check that the web hosting company you choose gives you these options for hosting this type of website.
  5. Go get your coupon or discount from our coupon page.
  6. Sign up and install WordPress.
  7. Start designing your site.

Our Top Ten cheap web hosting companies:

We have collected the top ten cheap web hosting companies for you based on price, client reviews and other data analysis. Here you go starting from the cheapest:

1. Best Web Hosting Comparison  Host1Plus

Read the Reviews

Price: $0.83 plus a free domain


2.   Best Shared Web HostingDomain Discount

Read the Reviews

Price: $0.89 can host unlimited sites - note that the renewal prices are high- so check it out before hand.


3.   rate and review hostingHost Department

Read the Reviews

Price: $0.99 plus a free domain


4.   rate and review hosting WebHosting World

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.00 plus a free domain


5.   top hosting companies Eboundhost

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.00 plus a free domain


6.   Best Shared Web Hosting Romarg

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.12


7.   Best Web Hosting Comparison RS Hosting

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.25  plus a free domain


8.   top hosting companies Catalyst2

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.25


9.    best hosting companiesCrazy Domains

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.50


10. top hosting companiesOne.com

Read the Reviews

Price: $1.89


Now all you need to do is read the reviews, decide on your favorite company and choose a coupon from our coupon page. sign up and install WordPress to start designing your website.


  • Free web hosting can cost you in a lot of other things besides the actual website.
  • Free web hosting can be much more expensive than a cheap web hosting company.
  • Cheap web hosting companies does not mean that they lack in quality or anything else.
  • Reading reviews is the best way to learn about the pros and cons of each company.
  • Anyone can create a simple website with cheap hosting and installing WordPress.

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