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One click WordPress Installation and how to automatically install WordPress

Posted by Inna in How to
One click WordPress Installation and how to automatically install WordPress

WordPress is an open source system used to manage and create blogs and websites. It is also used for creating content and as of today is one of the top CMS (content management systems) available in the open source market. WordPress has hundreds of millions of users around the world and hundreds of the largest websites in the world.

Wordpress installation on hostingThe WordPress community of developers has created thousands of add-ons and widgets that have enriched the use of WordPress and it has become one of three of the most popular CMS systems together with Drupal and Joomla!.

Unlike the other CMS companies WordPress has already integrated all the libraries and design additions so everything can be done automatically without having to go search on the internet, download anything, upload anything etc.

All you need to do is connect with the control panel and find what you are looking for. It is as easy as ABC and you have a one click WordPress available.

Due to the WordPress popularity around the world, the top Wordpress hosting companies have actually incorporated WordPress into their basic package. So there is absolutely no need to look for the right links and read up on how to do it. All you need to do is click and one click WordPress is yours!

So let’s get started!

First things first! You need a domain and a best rated web hosting company.

How to choose a good web hosting company that supports WordPress

There are thousands of web hosting companies and there are more popping up every day around the world. In order to choose the right host for you, you should do the following:

  • Read up about the top ten web hosting companies that support WordPress installation

Our top three voted WordPress supporting sites are:

  • Check out the client reviews to get an overall feeling about each company
  • Once you have made your choice, go to the best Coupons- and-Deals page to choose your discount
  • Sign up and choose your domain.

How to install the one click WordPress from your web hosting company:

Once you have your domain and web hosting service that supports WordPress you can install WordPress with one click. It might seem like a process- but don’t worry it is actually really simple. It takes less than ten minutes and it is all yours!

Log into your control panel on your web host company you have chosen.

Click on the main domain you have chosen

Click on the one-click install - different companies will have different variations on this clickable button. Some will call it one-click, 1-click, one-click installation, one click installer or other variations of the same.

This is the basic procedure but may vary slightly from web hosting company to web hosting company:best wordpress hosting rate

  1. Click the app button for WordPress
  2. Click Add.
  3. Fill in your domain name without the www.
  4. Choose your language and location
  5. Click install.
  6. Now you can add an administrator for your WordPress installation.
  7. Click WP admin.
  8. Enter a title for your blog or website
  9. Enter a username, e-mail address and password for the administrator.
  10. Click Install WordPress.

And there you have it! You now have one click WordPress and you can start designing your new website with the built in theme designs or writing your first content article.

Can you believe how simple it is?

Now you have one of the best web hosting services and a fantastic WordPress CMS, here are 10 things you never knew you could create with WordPress:

  1. Open an Amazon store- simply open an account on Amazon and add the Amazon shop plugin and start selling your stock.
  2. Add a forum to your site. Choose the ForumEngine theme or BBPress plugin and you have a forum where people can post and comment.
  3. Create a coupon site - Get the Clipper theme and you have a ready to go coupon site.
  4. Have a directory - use the directory theme and you can make an incredible Homepage as well as a full on directory with features and listing pages.
  5. Human resources or job search site - Use the job engine theme for advertising jobs.
  6. Booking system - if you are a service provider such as a spa or even a hotel service you can have an online booking system with the Booking system pro plugin.
  7. Manage your memberships - The s2member plugin will help you manage all your memberships online and help you build a client database with signups.
  8. Customer Feedback - Use the ideas theme to let clients leave feedback for your services or products and build a wonderful resource for your future clients.
  9. Support Desk - Let your clients communicate with you through a support desk. Use the SupportPress theme and you can even have a support ticket system.
  10. YouTube lookalike- The videopro theme let’s you show videos on your site similar to YouTube.

For more information and all the latest web hosting news like our Facebook page and keep up to date!

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