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Our Top Dedicated Server Reviews

Posted by Inna in Blog
Our Top Dedicated Server Reviews

Given that dedicated servers are one of the more expensive solutions for web hosting, it's important that customers seek out providers that offer genuinely consistent and reliable service. For a better understanding of how some of the top dedicated server providers have met the expectations of other customers, we've provided the following brief overviews of PickupHost's top four dedicated server providers.

What to Expect from HostGator

HostGator is undeniably one of the most popular dedicated server hosting companies on the market, and has remained so over ten years. Why consider HostGator? If you're seeking flexibility in your choice of OS, know that HostGator offers both Windows and Linux operating systems for use on its four different servers, each of which cater to varying levels of service. For the company in need of enterprise solutions, something like the HostGator Elite package will definitely meet expectations thanks to its breadth of sizable resources, including its 1,000GB of RAID-1 disc space. Conversely, the company's Basic package is better suited for customers overseeing a smaller operation, as it accommodates just 2 IP addresses. For those seeking add-ons and freebies, HostGator also offers users free access to a SiteBuilder account, 4,500 website templates and a complimentary SmarterBundle professional license. Its high-performance network, which utilizes multiple bandwidth providers, won't disappoint those seeking speed, either. Ultimately, HostGator is the type of provider that can probably accommodate almost any need, and boasts a solid track record of success to back up its claims of exceptional service.

Dedicated Hosting from iPage

top dedicated server reviews

IPage offers customers three different dedicated server hosting options: its Startup, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Each of these dedicated plans rely on a Linux CentOS 6.4 operating system and make use of a speed accelerating CloudFlare CDN, which is an advantageous feature for the eCommerce site with web traffic from various international points of origin. iPage is also a great choice for those who anticipate the need for additional resources in the future; each of the company's dedicated servers provide scalable resources, which means they function much like a cloud-based environment. If you're looking for a green hosting provider, iPage can accommodate too, as it's completely reliant on wind power.

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting

Though GoDaddy is best known for selling domain names, it's proved itself a worthy competitor in the dedicated hosting game, too. If you're looking for a comprehensive dedicated server selection experience, GoDaddy has a website that's hard to beat. Its prices and features are presented in a simplistic format and encompass the company's varying levels of management service (its plans can either be self-managed, managed, or fully-managed). Of note, GoDaddy dedicated servers can run on both Linux and Windows operating systems, each of which offer a number of plans. GoDaddy also isn't shy about advertising its performance against some of its top competitors, which include Rackspace, Liquidweb, and InMotion. GoDaddy outperforms each of these providers in uptime, number of IP addresses included, number of OS templates available, and number of data centers (GoDaddy has 5).

Expectations for Arvixe Dedicated Hosting

If you're the type of person that prefers customization, Arvixe is definitely the hosting company at which to take a second look. This dedicated server provider uniquely offers customers the opportunity to build their own dedicated server plan; customers can select the type of processor, drive redundancy, first/second/third/fourth hard drive, memory allocations, operating system, control panel, uplinks, bandwidth and IP addresses. Thus, rather than choosing from various plans with pre-defined resources, with Arvixe, customers have much more latitude to customize a plan to their website's specific needs.

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