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Why PickupHost is the Best Hosting Comparison Company

Posted by admin in Blog
Why PickupHost is the Best Hosting Comparison Company

Web hosting is a "make or break" factor in a website's success. We know that when websites are hosted by unreliable companies that lack competitive uptimes, fast speeds, ample resources, advanced technology, exceptional security measures, user-friendly features, and a number of other critical factors of performance, websites will lose traffic to sites hosted by providers that don't. If you're operating a small business or corporate enterprise, this can also spell a major loss of revenue. However, hosting providers know what customers are looking for, and given stiff competition from other providers, may make claims that don't always reflect what they can truly deliver. Sorting through hosting plans from a various providers in itself is a challenge for customers, regardless of whether or not the company makes truly honest claims. That's why PickupHost remains so valuable to users seeking quality web hosting; we provide the reliable, objective information needed to make an informed decision about hosting providers. In what other ways are we able to best serve our users?


Access Authentic Reviews

Our compilation of authentic reviews allows users to learn what actual customers have to say about their experience with a hosting provider. An authentic review is far more advantageous to potential customers than a description of basic services or a promotional review from the company itself; authentic reviews from real customers reveal the extent to which a hosting company was able to deliver on its promises of exceptional service. If a provider's customer service is difficult to access, or, if they've experienced quality, uninterrupted service for years, you'll hear about it here. Visitors to our site can browse other customers' reviews, or leave their own about a hosting provider from which they've purchased a hosting plan.

Weigh Pros and Cons

The PickupHost interactive ratings chart allows our users to more easily identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of hosting companies. Each hosting level and content management system features a ratings chart that can rank hosting companies by a variety of criteria. Determine how a certain company stacks up against its competition based on price, disc space, bandwidth, RAM, and popularly-demanded features, such as CDNs and SSH access, and use this information to more clearly assess whether a company possesses the characteristics that match your priorities. If speed and a cPanel control panel are non-negotiable, you'll be able to quickly determine how providers rank for these two specific features using our ratings chart.

Access In-Depth Information

The best decisions are often the most informed decisions. That's why we've taken care to provide our users with as much in-depth information about our hosting companies as possible. Find a hosting provider not just in our ratings chart, but on their own review page, where information about their company history, plans, features, data center locations, security measures, acceleration and more is discussed. This key information, which is typically scattered throughout a provider's website, is compiled right on our reviews pages to provide a succinct overview of a provider's most important hosting features.

Leverage Our Speed Test Tool

Let's face it: every website has a need for speed. Even the professional blogger or personal portfolio website doesn't want to be plagued with slow load times. At PickupHost, test the speed or "ping time" of any hosting provider in real time to determine how your site would actually perform. Each hosting provider review page features our innovative speed test odometer, which generates a figure to be interpreted using our easy-to-understand speed test chart. Visitors to our site can even test the speed of a provider not featured on Pickuphost.com; simply enter in a provider's URL or IP address into our speed test and discover how they stack up. Speed results can also be modified to reveal a provider's average ping times over the last 30 days, the last six months, and other time frames.

Find Resources and Insight

Are you a first-time customer of website hosting? Or, are you simply interested in learning more about hosting levels and content management systems? PickupHost is more than just a platform for ratings and reviews; we also provide access to hosting resources and informative articles to help our visitors strengthen their understandings of web hosting. Find overviews that describe each level of hosting and each content management system, read up on informative articles on our blog, or review our responses to commonly asked questions about web hosting. We also have a representative available for chat 24/7 to answer any additional questions you may have.

Easily Purchase a Hosting Package

If you've found a hosting provider that's a good fit, purchase your hosting package right away. All of our reviews pages provide a direct link to hosting providers' websites to ensure that purchasing can be simple and expedient.

Have questions about using any of the features and resources available from PickupHost? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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