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Our Speed Test Tool Helps You Compare Hosting Sites

Posted by admin in Blog
Our Speed Test Tool Helps You Compare Hosting Sites

Our innovative speed test tool allows users to access live "ping," or load times for each hosting company featured on our website. The results of the speed test reflect the time it takes a hosting company to load content from websites hosted on their servers. Given speed's critical importance to customers, many of whom operate small business and large enterprise sites, the speed test offers a more accurate way to identify suitable hosting companies.

We provide objective ratings and reviews for hosting companies that offer various levels of web hosting and content management systems.  To use the speed test tool, which is featured on each company review page, users simply select their location and watch as the speed test odometer generates a ping time; a speed test result table also appears to help users interpret times.

Users can also enter in the URL or IP address of any hosting company to test its speed, regardless of whether or not it can be found on our website. Additionally, users can customize duration time to identify a company's average speed over the course of a week, 30 days, 3 months, or 6 months.

CEO Danny Johanahoff stands behind the tool and believes the “speed test tool offers users valuable information about hosting companies that will help them make a more informed decision. We've intentionally made the tool extremely user-friendly and easy to interpret, so we hope that its accessibility, in combination with its uniqueness, will make our site even more valuable to users."

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