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Finding the Best Host for Your Small Business

Posted by admin in Blog
Finding the Best Host for Your Small Business

Seeking a host for your small business website? If so, know that your decision should be one that's carefully considered. While some small business site owners may be under the impression that hosting can't matter that much given the size and scope of their site, nothing could be farther from the truth. Quality hosting is essential for the success of any website, and small business sites are no different. Granted, you may not need Intel's most powerful core processing unit on a fully managed dedicated server, but you will need hosting tailored to your website's specific needs.

To ensure you find a suitable hosting company for your small business website, consider companies with packages that meet the following criteria.

Scalable/Unlimited Resources

Unlike the professional blogger or the sprawling corporate enterprise, the small business website has traffic that's far more unpredictable. Depending on your latest sale, your newest product, or your most recent marketing tactic, your site may experience dramatic spikes in traffic, or expand to outgrow its resources. It's for this reason that packages with unlimited or easily scalable resources are crucial for small business websites. Look for packages that offer unlimited bandwidth, data storage, and memory, yet packages that aren't necessarily on shared hosting platforms. "Unlimited" resources through shared hosting often still have their limits, and therefore may not be able to truly grow with your business.

OS Compatibility

Which operating system does your small business site run on? Linux or Windows? It's essential that your hosting provider offer a package that's compatible with whichever OS you rely on, as well as the specific version of the Windows or Linux OS you use. You'll also want to check that a hosting provider can support appropriate server-side scripts, like Java, Perl, PHP, etc. For security purposes, ensure that a provider offers automatic installations of the latest versions of these scripts.

Solid State Drives

Solid state drives (SSDs) will improve the overall performance of your small business site, ensuring fast load times and greater storage capacity. While SSDs are typically more expensive than traditional hard drives, some hosting companies will provide access to SSDs without increasing your monthly hosting fee. Keep an eye out for these companies.

Secure POP/IMAP Email Accounts

Look for providers that can set up domain name inclusive emails for small business communication through email hosting. Creating email accounts through your hosting provider will provide valuable convenience and access to features like shareable address books and syncing across devices.

Exceptional Technical Support

Unlike larger corporations, chances are your small business doesn't staff its own IT team, which means that when your customers experience a site glitch or when you're having difficulty making a change to your site via cPanel, you'll want quick access to an informed hosting representative. Small business site owners should therefore look for packages that offer live 24/7 customer support, and will benefit from reading customer reviews about experiences with a provider's customer service team.

Business Grade Web Hosting Packages

Many web hosting companies will offer packages specifically designed for the small business site, and they'll typically meet or exceed your expectations and eliminate the hassle of attempting to run through your own checklist of criteria for packages not specifically advertised for small business sites. InMotion Hosting, for example, offers a business grade web hosting package that's e-commerce ready, offers access to MaxSpeed Zones, and includes use of an easy-to-use website builder, among other features ideal for the small business.

Begin your search for a suitable small business hosting company by exploring our shared and VPS hosting ratings and reviews!

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