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Magento Hosting Companies Recommendations

Magento is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for eCommerce online stores. Magento is a powerful software platform on which sites for some of the largest companies in the world have been built such as Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, Skype and others. As an enterprise level management system, Magento can easily accommodate the smallest online store and up to massive corporations with thousands of product listings.

Benefits of Magento Hosting

The efficiency of a professional online store is largely determined by the functionality and user experience provided by its hosting service. It's no secret that the average online shopper prefers the website that makes the selection and purchase of products quick and easy, and Magento hosting can ensure just that. A hosting company that specializes in the Magento content management system can also guarantee service that is optimized to the unique needs of a Magento platform, such as enhanced speed and security features.

Magento Hosting Providers

When choosing Magento hosting providers check that they have top security features against DDoS and viruses. The last thing you want is your site to be hacked and all your clients’ payment and credit card information to be stolen or kidnapped.Another thing to look into is the technical service of the Magento Hosting Providers. As we mentioned above any issue can cause loss of revenue. You want the Technical service there for you at all hours and on any day you need them.

Choosing the Best Magento Hosting Company

CMS Magento is a framework with a set of PHP libraries that makes certain demands on memory (memory limit). Recommended value memory of a typical Magento site for an online store is 256 MB, and the minimum acceptable value of 64 MB does not guarantee stable loading pages without turning on a cache.

If the number of items in an online store ranks in the thousands and daily attendance surpasses 500 visitors, it makes sense to consider the option of a dedicated or VPS (virtual private server) for your Magento web hosting.

Remember you need to look for a provider that offers the disk space necessary to satisfy the needs of your site (Magento has options for complete scalability), and select the location of the Magento provider in accordance with the majority of your target audience, because if you don't take advantage of a content delivery network (which is highly recommended for sites with international customers), the distance between a server and a user can cause latency and poor site performance.

Magento hosting guarantees:

Magento Hosting Features Checklist

In addition to the basic guarantees that come with Magento hosting, there are also more technical features of a Magento hosting package to be considered. These include:

Magento Hosting Speed and Security

Security measures should be of a high priority to the Magento hosting shopper, as this CMS will likely facilitate an eCommerce site that witnesses the exchange of valuable personal information on a daily basis.

What types of security measures should users demand from a hosting company that provides Magento hosting? Magento hosting plans should include guarantee of a valid SSL certificate against malware and virus threats, and should also be advertised as PCI compliant. Magento also depends on a secure, isolated platform, which means that users should take care to look into the type of server utilized (Will it be shared? Dedicated? What security measures are in place at its data center?). A secure Magento hosting plan should also include advanced server monitoring with automatic alerts to users when a threat is detected.

Aside from security, speed is probably the most important factor when choosing the right Magento host. Research a company’s speed data (it should be readily available on their site) or use the PickupHost speed test for instant results as to a hosting company’s uptime. Many top Magento hosting providers will include content delivery networks or caching systems for Magento hosting plans that boost site speed and overall performance to visitors from around the world.

Magento Managed Hosting

A managed Magento hosting plan can be a good option for those who are launching their first eCommerce site, or for those that don’t quite have the time to invest in administrative tasks. A managed plan ensures that the hosting provider itself will take care of essential duties like automatic security updates and daily infrastructure operations. In managed plans, some hosting providers will even help users develop and deploy their Magento websites by contributing expert insight into the most optimal Magento architecture and features.

Magento Email Hosting

Some eCommerce website owners may also be interested in having business email accounts through their hosting provider. Most Magento hosting companies do include a complimentary email system that allows users to configure their email address to a domain name, for something like: [email protected]. These email accounts should be configurable to existing email providers and include substantial anti-virus and anti-spam protections at no additional cost.

Magento Hosting Reviews 

Reading the Magento hosting reviews will provide you with a much better overall picture. Not everything the hosting companies advertise is what you get in reality. Our reviews are all from real clients with real websites and we are really strict about not allowing tainted reviews.In this way you get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Read the Magento hosting reviews and mark down for yourself what is most important for you to help you make an informed decision on the right Magento hosting company for you.

With a rapidly growing number of companies offering competitive hosting services, it's becoming more difficult than ever for companies and customers to find the best quality and professional web hosting services. In addition to objective reviews, we conduct regular monitoring of hosting companies to deliver only up-to-date and truly balanced information to our visitors.

At PickupHost, we believe the best way to navigate through this potentially overwhelming amount of competitive options is to turn to independent evaluations from professionals and regular users. PickupHost is your number one source for ratings that offer only objective and detailed information about the services provided by a Magento hosting service.

Best Hosting for Magento

Being that Magento is the strongest platform for ecommerce in the last few years many hosting companies have started supporting Magento. Our job is to help you get the best hosting for Magento. Not all companies can give you the power and speed that you will need.You will be looking for great technical support and top performance. Every setback can cause loss of clients and that in turn will make you lose money and returning clients. You need to make sure that you have all the Magento system requirements and all the help you need.



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