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InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting
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Best Ecommerce Hosting Companies

Ready to launch your first online store? If so, it's time to consider some essential components to determine the right eCommerce hosting provider.Without an optimal hosting provider, an online store may be doomed to low traffic and poor sales. What exactly should you be looking for in a good web hosting company for your online store? This will depend largely on the productivity of the website and e-business strategy in general.

Choosing the Right eCommerce Provider

The first issue to pay attention to when selecting an eCommerce hosting provider is the nature of the web hosting company's customer focus, also make sure that the hosting provides a wide range of services offered at standard rates and the stability of its servers.

Depending on the resource requirements of your project, you can choose either shared hosting or VPS hosting for your future eCommerce website. Keep in mind that the need for functionality and server capacity grows in proportion to the traffic of the online store. If your online store experiences regular high traffic, your website should be located on a Dedicated hosting server.

When choosing a hosting service for your online store, also consider whether the hosting provider supports PHP \ MySQL, which will allow you to create more dynamic content. Remember that an eCommerce site will likely include additional features like shopping carts, payment applications and a large collection of product information that depends on more than just traditional HTML.

Choosing the right eCommerce hosting also shouldn't be about finding the cheapest, or on the other hand the most expensive option. Instead, look for a hosting company that offers the right amount of disk space (typically 1 GB and above) for your online store, but don't necessarily trust providers that guarantee unlimited disk capacity (which is considered to be impossible) without further inquiry.

As a rule, the leading hosting providers offer a choice of servers located in different parts of the world. We recommend choosing a hosting company whose servers are located near your main target audience. This ensures minimal latency and in turn, higher uptime and sustained traffic to a site. A content delivery network, which reduces the distance content must travel from a server to a user’s browser, is a key feature to look for in an eCommerce hosting plan for those with an eCommerce website that reaches customers from around the world.

eCommerce Hosting Applications and Deals

As you search for the right eCommerce hosting provider, it may be helpful to keep an eye out for additional applications, free software or discounts to help get the most for your money. Most eCommerce hosting companies, even the most highly ranked, will include a variety of add-ons. For example, an eCommerce hosting provider might offer the following:

eCommerce Hosting Reliability

The reliability of an eCommerce hosting provider can be largely determined by the level of honesty and transparency. For example that there are no hidden fees, or costs for constantly imposed services. In modern data centers, leading companies usually offer high-speed SSD-drives to ensure the best possible performance. If you're interested in testing an eCommerce hosting site before purchase (which is strongly recommended) look for companies that offer a free trial period.

It is also important that an eCommerce hosting package offers unparalleled customer service and security. This is an important consideration for all websites, but given that technical problems literally means lost revenue for an eCommerce website, there can be no compromises when it comes to fast and reliable technical support. The best eCommerce hosting companies will provide 24/7, 365 day a year customer support both via email and phone, manned by a team of highly qualified professionals. Specifically, this means that the data center at which your server is housed is continuously operated by technicians on-site.

Given that an eCommerce site depends on the transference of highly sensitive customer information like credit cards, data security is a non negotiable aspect of an eCommerce hosting plan. A breach in security not only imposes immeasurable inconvenience and loss for your customers, but it ultimately harms your reputation and revenue. So, what should users look for when selecting a secure eCommerce hosting company?

In addition, analytics are also worth acquiring for the eCommerce website owner. Anything less than an optimal uptime means lost profit, which is why a truly sound eCommerce hosting company is transparent and provides its customers with easy access to hosting analytics.

eCommerce Hosting Plans

eCommerce hosting packages can be found for extremely low prices from different hosting providers; however, in the case of eCommerce hosting, what you pay for is often what you get. It’s not always in a user’s best interest to snag a bargain for something that could potentially impede on the success of their online business. What should you aim for? If you’re looking for shared web hosting for a small eCommerce site, expect something in the ballpark of $10 (or, something that is competitive with other highly ranked hosting companies that specialize in eCommerce plans). For the business in need of more resources and support from a VPS plan, anticipate monthly costs ranging anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars, with dedicated servers costing even more.

Ratings from PickupHost

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We offer only objective feedback and real rates of providers with a complete list of their services, allowing you to browse hosting options with insight that is both objective and balanced. To get an idea of the response speed of our listed providers, users of PickupHost have the unique opportunity to conduct online ping testing.



Web Hosting Company
Disc space - Unlimited
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InMotion Hosting

Web Hosting Company
Disc space - Unlimited
Bandwidth - Unlimited