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Why PickupHost is the Best Site for Web Hosting Reviews

Posted by admin in Blog
Why PickupHost is the Best Site for Web Hosting Reviews

Though we hate to brag, at PickupHost, we truly believe our web hosting comparison project stands out as one of the most innovative and accessible ways for individuals and businesses to compare web hosting companies. In addition to our breadth of information about web hosting providers, our site features an extensive collection of web hosting ratings and reviews, a critical component for effectively choosing a web hosting provider. For those new to our site, here's how we've made this platform one of the best places for web hosting reviews.

Our Reviews are Honest and Authentic

The reviews you'll find on our site are all from actual customers of the web hosting companies we feature. Every star rating or commentary you find about a company's service is based on authentic experiences. Our PickupHost team does not accept any false reviews from hosting companies to improve their image, and all reviews that are made are evaluated for their appropriateness and usefulness.

Reviews are Informative and Detailed

We ask that all reviews left on our site are actually helpful to readers; if a review is too vague, brief, or simply not useful, we have the ability to remove it from our site. We assist users in writing helpful reviews by providing specific categories in which to create star ratings, and also provide guiding questions to ensure that written reviews answer commonly asked questions users have about hosting companies.

Users Can "Rate" Reviews

Did you feel a review wasn't useful? Or, did you find a review to be particularly beneficial as you shopped for a hosting package? Each review posted to our site can be "liked" or "disliked" with the simple click of our thumbs up or thumbs down icons, found at the end of each review. Reviews that users find to be the most helpful will appear at the top of a reviews list, while those found to be least helpful will make their way to the bottom of the pile. In this way, users can access the best reviews more easily.

Writing a Review is Easy

If you've been a customer of one of the hosting companies featured on our website and would like to write a review, doing so is incredibly simple. Just visit the hosting details page of the company you've purchased from and click "submit a review" at the top of the page. From there, you can rate review companies by category, create a title for your review and write a description, and leave your name and a link to your own website. It's as easy as that.

Hosting Speed Test Tool

Interested in discovering just how fast the web hosting provider you have an eye on can provide the service you're looking for? Check out our speed test tool which will let you know the fastest hosting provider.

Online Consultant

At Pickuphost, we have an online consultant that will answer any questions you have about picking the best hosting company for your website. If the question is about the best for e-commerce sites or for a specific CMS, we can help you answer all the questions you may have. Click here to speak with a specialist to help you pick the right hosting company per your situation.

Best Web Hosting Filters

You can filter down to almost any level to find your hosting company. Our filters include server location, price, applications, platform, control panel and more. Click here to start drilling and compare and review all the hosting providers. Browse our reviews of top web hosting companies or write your own review today!

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