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The Top 5 Hosting Companies for Big Business Sites

Posted by admin in Blog
The Top 5 Hosting Companies for Big Business Sites

As a large business or corporation, your online presence is everything. How you appear to a digital audience in terms of site design, navigation, speed, uptime, and features can significantly impact your company's rates of conversion and overall profit. As you're likely already well-aware, staying ahead of the competition isn't just about offering a better product or service, it's about how that product or service is presented to audiences.

It's for this reason that web hosting is critical for big businesses; web hosting is what can determine each of these factors, and it's why we've compiled a list of top 5 hosting companies for big business websites. You'll find that each of our top 5 sites specialize in dedicated hosting, which, as the most private and powerful form of hosting, stands out as a big business site's most reliable hosting solution.

1.) InMotion

InMotion offers high-traffic sites the benefit of specific commercial-grade hosting packages that are designed to accommodate heavy traffic, large amounts of data, and feature-rich content. This company offers 3 commercial class dedicated servers that rely on powerful Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2430 v2 core processors, secure RAID 12 storage, and guarantee a substantial 15 TB of data transfer. Servers can also be upgraded to afford companies the features that make for standout sites, like SSDs, additional RAM, and more expansive hard drives. InMotion also offers companies a key advantage in eliminating the need for rebooting or downtime when making system upgrades; with its Kernal Care technology, all updates can be made seamlessly as a company's site continues to operate.

2.) Liquid Web

For businesses seeking an array of dedicated hosting options from which to choose, Liquid Web is a provider worth considering. This hosting company, which has been around for nearly 20 years, has a long-standing reputation for innovation and excellence, and its wide array of hosting options reflects its expertise in dedicated hosting. All of this company's dedicated servers can operate both Windows and Linux operating systems, can be found in single, dual and quad core processing units, and rely on either Intel or AMD servers; this ultimately affords businesses a convenient degree of flexibility. Big business sites will find that Liquid Web offers a high level of security to its customers, as its dedicated servers are complete with ServerSecure, 24/7 Sonar Monitoring, SSD 1 Drives, highly competitive SLAs, and company-owned data centers (in other words, they don't rent out part of a data center owned by a third party). Additionally, Liquid Web dedicated plans can be fully managed, core managed (Liquid Web manages Lamp Stack core elements) or self-managed, which means your quality of hosting doesn't have to be limited by how much you do or don't know about hosting management.

3.) SiteGround

For big businesses who could benefit from the expertise of a hosting expert, SiteGround is definitely the hosting company to take a closer look at, as it's known for being a dedicated hosting provider that goes above and beyond to provide full management, while also incorporating features like a multi-site SuperCacher for speed acceleration. Businesses will also benefit from the speed of the CloudFlare CDN network and a "performance booster" option that includes fastCGI and Alternative PHP Cache.

4.) HostGator

As one of the world's most widely-used web hosting companies with over 8 million customers, HostGator will be a preferred choice for the big business that prioritizes experience and reliability in a hosting company. HostGator can accommodate expansive, high-traffic websites with a Basic, Standard, Elite, or Pro dedicated hosting plan that can accommodate both Linux and Windows operating systems. Most businesses will likely find the resources available from the company's Pro Plan most suitable, as this plan affords 1,000 GB of Raid-1 drives, 5 dedicated IP addresses, 25 TB of bandwidth, and is outfitted for instant operation of the company's WebMatrix application, which allows businesses to design and manage their site's content. Big business sites will also benefit from HostGator's fully redundant network and multiple bandwidth providers for optimal site uptime, unlimited email features, and round-the-clock server monitoring, among many other features.

5.) Lunarpages

Lunarpages is a hosting company specifically geared towards enterprise-level hosting, and currently offers an advanced Dual Hexa Core Dedicated Plan that relies on SATA drives to deliver optimal performance to websites. Many businesses also like Lunarpages for its emphasis on customization; with a Lunarpages dedicated plan, a business can install a customized operating system, and run their own security features and applications. Lunarpages stands behind the quality of its dedicated hosting by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, a guarantee not all hosting companies are inclined to make.

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